First Vid on new channel Pokemon Adventures Episode02:23

First Vid on new channel Pokemon Adventures Episode

re uploaded on superfroakie


SuperChespin in Youtube Adventures

He is awesome. His best friend is SuperPCWizKid (Youtuber) (not really). In late 2013, he left most of his accounts and he only used 3.

From old wiki with newEdit

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Birthday: 2nd March 2001

Moves (Youtube Adventures Only)Edit

  1. Leaf Blade
  2. Energy Ball
  3. Quick Slash (Powerful Move)


Pokemon Adventures (finished)

SuperChespin Movie (finished)

SuperChespin Movie 2 (finished)

SuperChespin Movie 3 (finished)

SuperChespin Shorts (Replaced by SuperChespin Movie)

SuperChespin Specials (no longer airing)

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