Mario & Pikachu (MP)

Created by SC Chespin (SuperChespin)

The episodes is up to 25 in one season. This series was originally going to be called Pikachu & Friends.

Main Characters (Mario)Edit

  • Mario 
  • Luigi 
  • Yoshi 
  • Toad 
  • Peach (MP005)
  • Daisy (MP005)
  • Wario
  • Donkey Kong (MP008)

Main Characters (Pokemon)Edit


Season 0Edit

  • MP000: Pliot

Season 1Edit

  • MP001: Crazy Oshawott
  • MP002: Fatty Wario 
  • MP003: Yo Yo Yoshi 
  • MP004: Snivy got a Girlfriend 
  • MP005: Drunk Daisy 
  • MP006: Why Mario Why? (Coming Soon)
  • MP007: Peach vs Toad (Coming Soon)
  • MP008: DK...Donkey Kong (Coming Soon)
  • MP009: Snivy Random Party (Coming Soon)
  • MP010: Bored Bored (Coming Soon)
  • MP011: Find Axew (Coming Soon)
  • MP012: Mr.Bomb Workshop (Coming Soon)
  • MP013: Toad work at KFC (Coming Soon)